Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to Scramble Eggs in a Microwave

How to Scramble Eggs in a Microwave
If you're tired of dealing with burnt saucepans or you're just looking for a faster way to make breakfast, scrambling eggs in a microwave is quick and easy.

[edit] Ingredients

* 2 eggs per person
* 1 tablespoon of water or milk per egg (optional, see Tips below)
* 1 tablespoon of butter or cooking spray
* Salt and pepper

[edit] Steps

Spray or grease a microwave safe bowl with cooking spray or butter. If you do this, the egg batter will not stick to the bowl in the cooking process.
Crack eggs into the bowl. Whip them with a fork or whisk.
Place in the microwave and cook for 30 seconds. Remove, as they will be partially formed (see Warnings below). Use your fork and stir them gently, so that the uncooked blends in with the still loose egg. Set the eggs back in the microwave.
Microwave the eggs for about 10 seconds and check them. If they're not ready for your taste or are too liquidly, stir and break up the egg with a fork and place back in the microwave for a few more seconds.
Microwave for 10 second intervals until you get more solid egg than liquid. Be sure not to overcook or burn the eggs.

[edit] Tips

* The above instructions are for 2 eggs. Increase the cooking time for more eggs.
* Water produces a lighter egg, while milk or cream produces a smoother, creamier egg. Personal preference is the deciding factor.
* Try mixing in a slice of cheese (in the beginning) for delicious cheesy goodness!
* After the first minute, you need to keep an eye on the eggs to avoid overcooking.
* Let the eggs cool in the fridge and mix with mayonnaise for quick sandwiches.
* Adding salt early in the cooking process will greatly reduce the amount needed later to improve flavour.
* Just remember that if you want to eat the eggs with something else, but need to heat that item, microwave it separately from the eggs. The eggs will continue to cook and may turn crispy and brown while heating.
* Cover the bowl with a paper plate or other loose-fitting lid (do not seal); sometimes eggs can explode and make a mess inside the microwave.

[edit] Warnings

* The bowl can get very hot.
* Use oven gloves or a cloth when handling.

[edit] Things You'll Need

* non-metallic mixing bowl
* whisk/fork
* microwave

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